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Since the earliest days of the automobile, motorists have sought to enhance their vehicle’s performance attributes. This is a trend that continues to this day and has given birth to a multi-million dollar per year industry. Among the fastest growing sectors of this industry is that which pertains to Jeep, truck, and SUV components.

Jeep, truck, and SUV owners routinely strive to enhance their vehicle’s output for a number of reasons. Some hope to achieve enhanced towing capabilities, while others simply wish to blister the blacktop with an unyielding display of power.

Few companies are as capable of meeting the needs of such performance-minded consumers as Banks Power. Banks Power serves as one of the industry's top distributors of aftermarket high-performance products for the truck, sport utility vehicle, and motorhome market. The company offers a wide array of tuners, programmers, air intake manifolds, intercooler systems, and turbochargers.

A History of Unparalleled Performance

Banks Performance founder, Gale Banks, knew at an early age that he wanted nothing more than to spend his life squeezing every last bit of horsepower out of any engine he could get his hands on. This was an obsession that began at the age of 14, when a young Banks took it upon himself to tear down his mother’s 1931 Ford Model A. By the time he closed the hood, the old Model A would receive an additional 65 horsepower.

By 1958, Banks had officially entered the engine business. However, Banks was never satisfied with a stock engine and would consistently embark on personal missions to enhance the performance attributes of any engine within arm’s reach. This tendency led Banks to several milestone achievements such as setting his first performance-related record in 1960, where he reached speeds of 189 MPH at El Mirage Dry Lake in a modified 1953 Studebaker.

However, this was hardly the last of Banks’ record-shattering performance feats. Throughout the company’s tenure, Banks has held titles for the World’s Fastest Production Car, World’s Fastest Pickup, World’s Fastest Motor Home, and World’s Fastest Diesel Drag Racing Truck. Today, Banks is the only manufacturer to win at the Bonneville Salt Flats in both a car and truck.

>Gale Banks has also pioneered a number of technological advances over the course of his career. In 1969, he led the way among the first to turbocharge a marine engine, and in 1978, Banks debuted the twin-turbo small-block Chevrolet engine. Banks also made history in 1997 with the design and patent of the company’s OttoMind electronic fuel management software.

As a further credit to his resume, Banks provided revised powerplants to the United States NAVY for use in their specialty covert-action boats. Gale Banks Engineering was also awarded a contract to supply Oshkosh Defense with V8 866T powerplants to power their Joint Light Tactical Vehicles.

Today, Banks Power serves as the industry's premier provider of gasoline and diesel performance products. Banks Power has an especially large following in the diesel aftermarket sector, where they currently offer a full range of products for diesel engines of every make, including the Ford Powerstroke (7.3L, 6.0L, 6.4L, 6.7L), GMC/Chevy Duramax (LBZ, LLY, LMM, LML), and Dodge Ram Cummins (5.9L, 6.7L), as well as the manufacturer’s new Ecodiesel.

In reflection upon his past successes and the vision for his company’s future, Gale Banks states the following.

“I’m a futurist. My entire career has been about what’s next. Through the decades, we at Banks have opened new markets in marine engines, turbocharging, truck and motorhome power systems, turbocharged tuner cars, diesel power systems, electronic tuners, and exhaust brakes. Plus, I’m proud to have worked for many major car and engine manufacturers in defining their future products.

Power on Every Front

Much of Banks Power’s current popularity stems from the vast array of products that they manufacture, stock, and market on an annual basis. If any performance-related component exists for a gasoline or diesel truck, it is highly likely that Banks Power offers it as part of their parts product portfolio.

The following are the most prominent of product-subcategory genres serviced by Banks.

  • Digital Monitoring - If you are the owner of a modified vehicle, then you are likely all too familiar with the importance of consistent data monitoring. Banks provides consumers with several premium digital monitoring interfaces, which place an endless array of data and values at your fingertips.
  • Throttle Controllers - Banks produces and markets a number of the industry's most highly sought-after throttle controllers. These controllers allow drivers to customize the manner in which throttle position values are depicted to a vehicle's ECM, thereby modifying throttle response.
  • Cold-Air Intakes - Cool air is naturally more oxygen dense than warm air, making its introduction into an engine's intake ideal when attempting to bolster performance. In order to facilitate this process, Banks has engineered some of the most comprehensive cold-air intake kits currently available.
  • Intercoolers - An intercooler reduces the temperature of warm intake air, which has been delivered downstream by a turbocharger. This is of significant importance, as cooler air is far more conductive to complete combustion than warm air. Banks carries their own line of intercoolers, which are quite durable in construction and sure to be a fine addition to any vehicle featuring a forced induction system.
  • Performance Exhaust Systems - Consumers purchase custom exhaust systems for numerous reasons. Some prefer the enhanced tonal characteristics of such systems. Others find appeal in a performance exhaust system's less restrictive design. Whatever the reason for your interest, Banks has you covered with their full line of performance exhaust systems.
  • Tuners and Programmers – With their top-tier tuners and programmers, Banks has just what you need to sharpen your vehicle's performance acuity. The company offers numerous products of this variety, ranging from those that are simplistic in nature to highly advanced, providing the perfect solution for consumers of every experience level.
  • Engine Brakes - Banks offers a full line of ultra-reliable engine and exhaust brakes. These specialized assemblies prevent premature brake wear by allowing a vehicle's engine to slow subsequent motion. This can be especially helpful in towing applications.
  • Turbo Kits and Upgrades - There are few better ways to pack additional horsepower beneath a vehicle's hood than by installing a well-selected turbocharger kit. Forced induction, such as that which accompanies the use of a turbo, packs extra oxygen into each cylinder, thereby facilitating more efficient combustion. Luckily, Banks offers a full line of turbo kits, thereby providing every consumer with a direct fit solution to increase their engine's output.
  • Dash Gauges - Banks is your one-stop-shop for dash gauges of every perceivable type. These gauges place pertinent data, such as boost pressure and coolant temperature, within a driver’s field of view for quick reference. At the current moment, few dash gauges on the market are as renowned as Banks SuperGauge, which allows for multi-value viewing at a moment's notice.
  • Transmission Management Software - Modern transmissions are computer-managed and rely upon accurate data transmission to accurately determine shift points. However, many stock transmission control modules are not programmed in a manner that is conductive for use in high performance applications. Luckily, Banks offers custom software for such applications, which allows a transmission to operate at maximum efficiency, even under the most demanding of circumstances.
  • Differential Covers - Banks Power offers their own exclusive line of custom differential covers. These covers are designed to promote enhanced cooling and extend lubricant life. As a result, Banks' differential covers are ideally suited to heavy-duty or otherwise demanding applications.

Product Assistance & Warranty

All Banks Power products are manufactured to the most rigorous of quality standards and are designed to provide substantial longevity. Banks not only produces some of the highest quality components on the market today but backs each of these products with industry-leading warranty policies to provide consumers with an unparalleled level of confidence.

The company guarantees all of its products against material and workmanship defects for specified periods of time, the length of which varies by product. The vast majority of Banks' intake systems and stainless steel exhaust components come backed by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty, while most aluminized exhaust components carry a 3-year warranty. As a general rule, Banks also warrants turbochargers and coolers of various designs for a period of 2-years, as well as various electrical products, such as tuners, for 1-year.

Premium Products

While one can expect nothing less than stellar performance out of any component purchased from Banks Power, a number of the company’s current offerings have achieved notoriety far beyond the industry standard. This comes largely as a byproduct of the innovative technology that goes into the design and development of each.

The following are several of Banks Power’s most popular product offerings.

Banks Derringer Tuner

The Banks Derringer Tuner is the perfect way to bolster your truck's performance attributes without any excess hassle or aggravation. The Derringer unit is rated to provide gains of 61 HP and 112 lb-ft of torque, while maintaining engine and powertrain integrity.

This tuner is dyno-calibrated to utilize multiple data inputs in a bid to optimize vehicle performance. The Derringer Tuner features a built-in microprocessor, which is capable of making real-time, on-the-fly adjustments to various calibrations.

Drivers can select from any of the Derringer’s six available settings to create a customized operating experience. When set to its highest setting, this tuner increases throttle responsiveness and maximizes output. In its middle setting, the Derringer Tuner provides excellent mid-range power for towing applications.

Banks iDash 1.8 SuperGauge

The Banks iDash 1.8 SuperGauge is the perfect addition in any situation where constant data monitoring is vital. This gauge provides a greater level of insight into overall vehicle performance than any gauge of a similar make on today’s market.

The 1.8 SuperGauge is capable of accessing up to 80 OBD II values, with more than 300 available parameters. 6-8 individual data streams can be monitored at any given time, and up to 20 min/max values can be logged simultaneously.

Additional features include an auto-dimming function and an integrated Shift/RPM light. For even greater live streaming potential, this gauge can be paired with various expansion kits and gauges, which are specifically designed to be iDash 1.8 compatible.

Banks Cold Air Intake

To run at its most efficient, an engine must have an ample supply of fresh intake air for combustion. Performance is further aided when cooler, oxygen-rich air is introduced into the intake, thereby enhancing combustion efficiency. In order to achieve this, Banks has engineered their own line of high-performance cold air intakes.

Banks Cold Air Intakes provide average flow-rate increases of up to 31-percent and are dyno-proven. These units are also specified to promote greater fuel efficiency and engine responsiveness.

Banks also specifies that their cold air intake systems can be easily installed without the need for intrusive component modification. The manufacturer’s cold air intake systems are also backed by a 5-year limited lifetime warranty.


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