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There are few more compelling success stories in the automotive aftermarket industry than that of Rigid Industries. Rigid Industries has showcased exponential growth over the past decade, rising from modest beginnings to a prestigious place as the premier provider of custom off-road lighting solutions. Today, Rigid Industries has reached an unequivocal level of success and has virtually become a household name.

Rigid Industries manufactures and markets some of the most renowned off-road lighting kits currently available. From custom high-lumen count LED light bars, to all-encompassing premium-tier combo light kits, Rigid Industries offers products to meet the needs of every consumer.

Much of Rigid Industries' success has stemmed from the outright dependability of the company’s products as well as an industry-leading warranty and second-to-none adherence to sound customer service practices. In a market flooded by an endless number of manufacturers, Rigid Industries stands out as today’s premier LED off-road light kit manufacturer.

A Rise to Notoriety

It is hard to argue with the merit of a hard-fought success story, including that which surrounds Rigid Industries' rise to the top of the automotive aftermarket lighting industry.

If you are a fan of professional baseball, you might be familiar with the name Jason Christiansen. Christiansen, of Pittsburgh Pirates, San Francisco Giants, and Los Angeles Angels fame, played out a 10-year MLB career as a left-handed relief pitcher. However, when his time on the mound was over, Christiansen was not content to sit at home.

An avid off-road enthusiast, Christiansen sought to gain a foothold in the all-terrain sector of the automotive aftermarket industry. In order to do so, he began prospecting for a worthy investment that was ripe for revitalization. After only a brief period of time, Christiansen found exactly what he had been looking for.

At the time, Rigid Industries was a small, fledgling automotive lighting company, which had yet to reach its full potential. Christiansen recognized this potential and purchased Rigid Industries in 2006, along with partners Taylor and Seth Anderson. When this acquisition was made, light bars were still in their infancy and had yet to experience significant growth in popularity.

Nonetheless, the trio marched on, continually refining the company’s designs in a bid to achieve outright perfection. As luck would have it, Rigid Industries, as one of the world’s original light bar manufacturers, was able to ride the incoming wave of growing popularity that began to surround aftermarket lighting products of every type.

As demand began to increase, Jason, Taylor, and Seth rolled up their sleeves and worked diligently to make their dreams into reality. Each of the business owners could be seen building, packaging, selling, and shipping their LED light bars on a weekly basis, working hand-in-hand with their employees.

Although sales had reached an all-time high, just a few years after the trio took ownership of Rigid Industries, no one was willing to let their foot off the accelerator. An increased emphasis began to be placed on making Rigid Industries into a household name. In order to do so, the team brought aboard Dave Davis to head up marketing. This proved to be a wise decision, as sales continued to flourish and reach unprecedented levels.

Soon, a second manufacturing facility was opened in Gilbert, Arizona, to keep up with increasing product demand. Then, in 2013, Inc. Magazine recognized Rigid Industries as the 150th Fastest-Growing Private Company in the United States and the fastest growing LED light manufacturer.

Today, this winning tradition continues, as Rigid Industries seeks to provide superior lighting solutions to meet the needs of every consumer.

Quality Comes First

For anyone that has ever taken a close look at any of Rigid Industries’ LED lighting kits or light bars, it is glaringly obvious that the company takes the quality of their products extremely seriously. All Rigid Industry products assembled in the United States are designed to handle whatever the trail can throw their way and are more than capable of withstanding a significant amount of abuse. 

To illustrate this point, Rigid Industries “torture” tests each of their individual products to assess their durability and structural integrity. The company even provides a video of such testing on their website. In this video, Rigid Industries staff members put their lights through a battery of tests, which dish out a level of punishment that far exceeds that which one can expect to encounter in the field.

During these tests, Rigid industries lights are dragged behind a truck, beaten with a baseball bat, smashed against solid surfaces, and shot with both a rifle and a shotgun. While these tests often inflict damage to the particular light that is being tested, the vast majority continue to operate, even when largely dismantled.

Lighting Solutions for Every Consumer

Rigid Industries offers a vast array of LED lighting kits to meet the needs of every consumer and continues to release new products on a yearly basis. Rigid Industries' product inventory includes both universal-fit LED lights as well as manufacturer-specific options for such popular vehicle models as the Jeep Wrangler and Toyota Tacoma.

Additionally, Rigid Industries also offers both motorsports specific and daily driver-oriented packages. The vast majority of the company’s Pro-series LED lights are intended for off-road performance use and carry market-leading lumen ratings. On the other hand, the company’s SAE-series lights are DOT permissible and completely legal for on-road use. These driving lights adhere to the laws of the road, while also providing unparalleled performance.

No matter the particular light that is selected, Rigid Industries offers a full range of helpful light mounts and mount kits to provide superior vehicle fitment. The use of such kits minimizes the hassle associated with aftermarket light installation and gets you back on the road in rapid succession.

Rigid Industries also produces a full line of aftermarket wiring harnesses and adaptors to further aid the installation process. The majority of the manufacturer’s harnesses utilize Deutsch style connectors, which provide enhanced pin and receptacle contacts for superior power and ground delivery. This keeps your lights shining brightly, even when traveling through the most inhospitable of environments.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Since day one, Rigid Industries has made superior customer service their top priority. As such, the company places an immense amount of value on customer feedback and continually strives to eliminate any shortcomings that might be discovered.

Rigid Industries also offers a class-leading warranty policy, which provides consumers with peace of mind, knowing that their purchase is covered now and well into the future. All Rigid Industries lights come backed by a class-leading limited lifetime warranty. If at any point a manufacturing or material defect of any kind is observed, Rigid Industries will repair or replace such faulty equipment at no cost to the consumer.

It is worth noting that there are several select exceptions to Rigid Industries' blanket Lifetime warranty policy. Each of these products are, however, covered under separate warranty policies of their own. Such products include those within the Radiance line (10-year) and Truck-Lite line (3-year). Additionally, Rigid Industries' products used within a commercial or industrial setting are covered for a period of 5-years.

Top-Notch Products

No matter the application, Rigid Industries offers a custom lighting solution to meet your every need. The company offers LED light bars, rock lights, fog lights, back-up lights, spotlights, floodlights, and so much more. Each of these lights is designed with longevity in mind and are engineered to provide unparalleled performance in every situation.

While every Rigid Industries product is sure to provide excellent service, there are several of the company’s products that stand out above the rest for their form and function. The following are several of Rigid Industries' most popular product offerings.

Rigid Industries SR-Series Light

Rigid Industries’ SR Series of LED light bars are the perfect choice for anyone that is in search of a compact yet insanely bright lighting kit. SR Series light bars utilize a single row of LED bulbs to produce more raw lumens than any other light of similar proportions. Measuring only 2” in height, SR Series lights are the perfect option for those who are forced to work with limited space.

Consumers can also select from numerous sizes and configurations when choosing their Rigid Industries SR Series Light Bar. These light bars are available in 6”, 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”, and 50” lengths, and come in multiple beam patterns.

Rigid Industries RDS-Series Light

Rigid Industries RDS-Series light features a wrap-around design, which expertly complements the natural curvature of your vehicle’s grille, windshield, or bumper. This design not only proves to be aesthetically pleasing but is functionally efficient as well. The curved configuration of RDS-Series lights provides a wider angle of distribution, thereby illuminating a greater area.

The RDS-Series light bar has recently been released in a Midnight Edition, which features a sleek, blacked-out polycarbonate lens and black housing to provide a subtle yet stylish appearance. Even with its blacked-out lens, the Midnight Edition RDS-Series light bar still produces an extensive amount of output.

Rigid Industries Ignite Spot/Flood Light

The Rigid Industries Ignite series of flood and spotlights are known for their compact design and next-level illumination capabilities. Measuring only 1.4” X 1.4”, 2”, the Ignite series flood and spotlight make the perfect option when attempting to decipher what lies ahead in the distance. Lights within this series also carry a rated output of 1000 lumens and feature an intense beam pattern.

The Rigid Industries Ignite Spot/Floodlight is nearly indestructible, as it utilizes a rugged polycarbonate lens, and is IP68 compliant, offering superior protection against water and dust ingress. This surface mount light is also simple to install and takes only minutes to mount, no matter your chosen location.

Rigid Industries Dually XL Series Lights

Rigid Industries Dually XL Series lights serve as a further extension of the company’s immensely popular D-Series lights and D-Series Pro lights. The Dually XL is larger in size, offering enhanced illumination capabilities over that of its predecessor, measuring 4” X 4”. Lights within this series come in a number of forms including backlight, flood, spot, hyper spot, and driving-diffused configurations.

The Dually XL is virtually indestructible, as it features a rugged polycarbonate lens, UV-resistant polyester powder coat, stainless steel hardware, and vibration isolator. Lights within this series vary in lumen count depending on a consumer’s selected configuration, with driving style lights carrying a working rating of 9504 Lumens.

Rigid Industries SR-Q Series Auxiliary Light

The Rigid Industries SR-Q Series Auxiliary Light is a low-profile, compact option for those who are attempting to enhance their vehicle’s illumination but have limited space or mounting options to complete the task. This light is available in several different beam configurations, including flood, flood diffused, spot, driving diffused, hyper spot, driving, and diffused. SR-Q Series lights come in both 3168 and 4753-lumen configurations as well.

Numerous possibilities exist when it comes to mounting the Rigid Industries SR-Q Series Auxiliary Light. Both surface and flush mount options are available, and optional mounting hardware, such as a suction cup mount can be used. The SR-Q can also be used as a high-intensity back-up light when paired with the manufacturer’s 25-foot harness and three-position switch.

Rigid Industries Radiance Pod

If you are looking to outfit your off-road vehicle with additional lighting while instilling a custom look, then the Rigid Industries’ Radiance Pod Lights are for you. These compact lights can be mounted in a number of locations, offering an immense degree of versatility and are available in several back-lighting colors, including white, green, amber, blue, and red. This allows consumers to achieve an original look that will set their vehicle apart from any other Jeep, truck, or SUV encountered along the trail.

Radiance Pod Series lights are also rugged beyond compare and feature indestructible polycarbonate lenses as well as hearty, high-grade aluminum-alloy housings. Lights within this series also come complete with all necessary hardware for mounting, though a Rigid Industries specific wiring harness must be ordered separately.

Additional Options

Rigid Industries also offers a number of additional lighting packages for consumers to choose from, all of which feature the same quality internal circuitry and robust characteristics as the products listed above.

Some of the most popular of these kits are as follows.

  • Rigid Industries E-Series
  • Rigid Industries SR-L Series
  • Rigid Industries SR Series Pro
  • Rigid Industries SR-M Series
  • Rigid Industries D-Series
  • Rigid Industries E-Series Pro

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