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AMP Research is an automotive brand specializing in innovative truck and off-road vehicle accessories, with a dedicated focus on enhancing the functionality and style of iconic models like the Ford Raptor, Ford F-150, RAM TRX, and Ford Bronco. Their rigorously engineered and tested products are designed to make these rugged vehicles more versatile and ready for off-road adventures with a wide offering of truck steps and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the AMP Research Power Step may deploy up to 13" down and out from the vehicle to provide an ergonomic and user friendly step height to enter and exit the vehicle, it retracts back up to the body of the vehicle which allows the vehicle to retain its designed ground clearance, also keeping the top of the steps much cleaner than static step bars.

Wiring aside, AMP Research Power Steps install in about 1-2 hours from start to finish using basic hand tools in the driveway.

Rated weight capacity is 600lbs per steps.

AMP Research Powerstep XL Running Boards offer a 3" lower stepping surface than the original PowerStep and makes accessing your lifted vehicle easier with up to a 15" total drop. PowerStep XL running boards tuck under the truck when they aren't in use, and come with rock rails that conceal them with style.

Electric running boards are relatively easier to keep clean compared to traditional steps because they fold into the vehicle when not in use. Since they're not as exposed to the elements or terrain you're driving through, there's less likelihood of it picking up snow or mud and compromising on grip.

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