Fifteen52 is an innovative automotive wheel company known for its cutting-edge designs and commitment to performance. In addition to their signature wheels for cars, Fifteen52 offers a comprehensive range of truck and off-road wheels, engineered for durability and style, catering to enthusiasts who crave both performance and ruggedness. With a diverse array of designs and a focus on quality and reliability, Fifteen52's truck and off-road wheels elevate the driving experience for adventurous enthusiasts worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fifteen52 wheels are made in Taiwan.

Founded in 1996, Fifteen52 is a wheel brand driven by an undying love for all things automotive. We choose to cast off expectations and the notion of following trends in order to do things our own way, offering a unique approach to modern wheel design.

Fifteen52 was founded nearly 25 years ago as a division of Joe Hoppen Motorsports by a group of racing and rally enthusiasts.

For basic cleaning, automotive shampoo and water with a soft cloth or wash mitt is safe to use on almost all wheel finishes and will do a decent job of removing regular build-up.

Fifteen52 is headquartered in Carson, California.

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