Retrax is an automotive brand specializing in premium retractable truck bed covers, serving a wide range of popular truck models including the Ford F-150, Dodge RAM, Chevrolet Silverado, Toyota Tundra, and more. Their meticulously engineered products, designed and manufactured in the USA, offer exceptional durability and security while maximizing cargo space. Upgrade your truck with a Retrax retractable bed cover to enjoy the security that comes with their innovative solutions catered to truck owners seeking top-tier bed protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cover is reinforced with up to 20 tempered aluminum support beams embedded every 4 3/4”, which will hold 200 lbs. and can easily support heavy snow loads. The cover is strong enough to stand on (not recommended). The cover will withstand a concentrated load of about 120 pounds.

The bearings are sealed and will not need any lubricant or spray. If the rails feel sticky, run paraffin wax along the rail. To latch your cover anywhere along the rail, push down firmly on the end of the lock handle. Insert the key and turn until it is locked or unlocked.

You lose about 8 to 11 inches from the front of the bed depending on the application, but there's about 8-10" under it that's clear. (Exception: two drain hoses, one on either side.)

The RetraxONE MX Hard Tonneau Cover is designed to direct all water and rain through its drain system so that the truck bed is kept as dry as possible.

RetraxPRO series bed covers are made with heavy-duty aluminum slats covered in a matte powder coat, giving them the strength to support distributed loads of more than 500 pounds! The RetraxPRO MX and RetraxPRO XR feature a limited lifetime warranty, meaning you'll never have to worry about your bed cover once you have it installed.

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