Vossen is a renowned automotive wheel brand known for its excellence in design, engineering and craftsmanship. They specialize in creating cutting-edge wheel designs, with a unique distinction of manufacturing forged wheels entirely in-house in Miami. Vossen's commitment to precision and quality ensures that their wheels meet the highest standards, offering a perfect blend of style and performance for your vehicle. Explore their extensive range of options to find the ideal wheels for your vehicle and join the Vossen community to elevate your driving experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within the first 5 years of ownership, if any defects in material or workmanship arise under normal and reasonable use when properly installed and maintained, Vossen Wheels will replace or refinish your wheels free of charge.

Vossen Forged wheels that have been hand polished and/or brushed are finished using transparent powder coats, letting the hand finishing show through any variety of shades.

Vossen uses an advanced and traditional casting process called 'flow forming,' which increases the strength of the rims and reduces the weight to make the popular VF series. Due to the time and effort put into each individual Vossen Wheel, the price is higher.

The specifications of each wheel, such as serial number, vehicle application, size, offset, and load rating, are engraved on the inboard lip, marking each new wheel as a genuine and individualized Vossen Forged product.

After three years of development, Vossen is proud to be one of the few companies in the world that manufactures forged wheels entirely in-house. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA, Vossen's state-of-the-art, TUV-certified wheel manufacturing facility features a comprehensive array of brand new machinery.

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