AWE 0FG Catback Exhaust for Ford Bronco with BashGuard - Dual 4.5" Diamond Black Tips

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AWE 0FG Catback Exhaust for Ford Bronco with BashGuard™ - Dual 4.5" Diamond Black Tips

Handcrafted from US-made 3” T304L stainless steel, the 0FG Exhaust is a straight-through Cat Back configuration applicable to all Bronco models – 2.3T, 2.7TT, 2-door and 4-door – with modular capabilities unlike anything on the planet. The 0FG Exhaust features a bespoke AWE resonator in the mid pipe to produce an appropriate dose of aggression, followed by smooth bends towards the rear of the Bronco. On the way to the rear, depending on how many doors there are on your Bronco, lies an included adapter to bridge the difference in length across models. 2-door owner simply won't need these adapters, but 4-door owners will be thrilled. The 0FG modularity shines at the final breakpoint in the exhaust route. Not only does the 0FG accommodate various tip options, it also accommodates AWE’s BashGuard™. What’s BashGuard? Thanks for asking. The AWE BashGuard™ is included in every 0FG exhaust, and enables the 0FG to be the one exhaust to rule them all. Thanks to the modularity in the rear, simply remove the rear axle-back portion of the 0FG and replace it with the high-tuck BashGuard™. BashGuard™ is appropriately equipped with a .125” thick reinforced stainless ring. Perfect for bashin’. The Bronco Exhaust version you're checking out now is the Dual Split Rear Exit -- dual 4.5” double-walled, slash-cut Diamond Black tips exiting below the rear bumper. This configuration adds needed symmetry to the Bronco’s very asymmetrical bumper, and it was engineered with aftermarket bumpers in mind. And remember, every kit comes with the AWE BashGuard™.One exhaust. Every terrain. Only from AWE.

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