AWE SwitchPath Catback Exhaust for BMW G8X M3-M4 - Diamond Black Tips

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AWE SwitchPath Catback Exhaust for BMW G8X M3/M4 - Diamond Black Tips

Presenting the first AWE SwitchPath™ configuration for BMW to incorporate patented drone-canceling 180 Technology®. No drone, minimal bends, maximum flow, and push-button attitude. The SwitchPath™ Exhaust is comprised of 3-inch U.S.-sourced T304L stainless steel, a precision x-pipe, and a valved SwitchPath™ muffler tuned specifically for the S58. Beginning after factory mid pipe, the precision X-pipe immediately helps smooth the S58 of its rasp, deepening the tone before its refined further by the bespoke SwitchPath™ muffler in the rear. When the valves are closed, the SwitchPath™ Exhaust produces a refined, aggressive howl while remaining full-bodied and powerful – no congested, metallic sounds when on the throttle. At cruising speeds, interior acoustics are close to stock with no drone at cruising speeds. AWE SwitchPath™ tech also responds perfectly to the many transmission settings and shift points in automatic vehicles. Drop the hammer with the valves closed and SwitchPath™ sings a proper M anthem. If you were to leave the valves closed at all times after equipping SwitchPath™, we wouldn’t blame you — it’s that good… all of the time. Open the valves and the S58’s roar is uncorked. Sport and Sport+ modes achieve the ultimate contrast in behavior when compared to comfort driving modes (valves closed). In Sport mode, the exhaust note is powerful, clean, and aggressive. In Sport+ mode, the same aggression applies… but with grin-provoking burbles. Thanks to the precision X-pipe, the rasp is still kept in check while allowing the exhaust note to reach full aggression.

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