Morimoto MC: Pindicator (Dual Intensity Amber)

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  • Assembly: 1x Morimoto Pindicator Dual-Intensity Amber Indicators
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Compatible: almost anywhere. Focused directional lighting. Simple installation. All of these attributes culminate for an affordable yet incredible quality piece. Switchback Option: Not only an ultra-bright indicator, but packed with a trick running light in bright white. Wire it up to be part of your overall lighting setup, then when you use your turn signal, it changes to amber. Hit the blinker cancel button and back to white it goes in a trick "fade on" function. Nothing like it on the market until now. A small detail, but a neat one none the less. Don't want to have the white light wired up? Don't wire it in. Easy as that. Dual-Intensity Option: Not feeling the white light at the back of your bike or just want to run amber? We recommend the dual-intensity option! Input wiring is as simple as wiring up the "dim" mode, wiring up the "bright" mode, and a ground, then you're off to the races! Custom Lens: covering the switchback LED is a custom clear polycarbonate lens designed to aim the light of the LED in just one direction. This reduces blinding light where you don't want it, but stellar visibility where you do. Waterproof. Washproof. No matter how much water, mud, or soapy goodness your bike sees, these indicators can handle it. Hard-anodized CNC aluminum bases and hard epoxy coated circuit boards ensures the longest of lives. Can-bus: If you're riding a BMW or other CANBUS-equipped bike, these may need other provisions for proper function if you're replacing your stock turn signals entirely. If you're just adding these in conjunction with the OEM turn signals, they should draw so little power that the bike's computer won't be of the wiser.

  • Material: Machined 6061 Aluminum
  • Intensity: 500lm (raw)
  • Input Voltage: 9-15V DC
  • Input: 3x Bare Wire
  • Current: 0.1A Dim, 0.46A Bright @ 12V DC
  • Light Source: 1x 1W 5050
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