FOX Offroad Shocks

Among today’s vast sea of aftermarket suspension component manufacturers, few companies are as renowned as Fox. While many are quite familiar with Fox’s production of premium ATV, UTV, and snowmobile suspension parts, the manufacturer also produces and markets some of the industry’s highest-quality off-road Jeep and Truck suspension systems and components.

Fox offers a full line of aftermarket Jeep and truck suspension components, including struts, air shocks, coil-overs, bump stops, and steering stabilizers as well as external bypass/internal bypass shock absorbers. All Fox suspension-related products are engineered to promote enhanced ride quality and are extremely durable by design.

From Humble Beginnings

Fox first came onto the scene in 1974, when Bob and Geoff Fox began distributing suspension components for motocross bikes. The brothers’ business grew faster than initially anticipated, and soon the company itself split into two separate entities.

These two entities were Fox Racing and Fox Racing Shox, with Geoff presiding over the former and Bob overseeing the latter. A holding company, Fox Factory Holding, was formed in 1978. In the days since, Fox Shox has become an industry leader in the production, sales, and distribution of suspension parts for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, mountain bikes, trucks, and off-road vehicles.

Fox Shox was acquired by Compass Diversified Holdings in 2008 and went public in 2013. Then, in 2014, Fox purchased Sport Truck USA for an approximate sum of $44 million, which effectively strengthened the company’s presence in the off-road and truck markets.

Solutions for Every Suspension Need

One of the most compelling of all factors related to Fox’s inventory of automotive suspension components is that the company offers a wealth of products to meet the needs of every consumer. One can rest assured that Fox has everything they need to outfit their vehicle in a manner that will promote enhanced ride quality and mobility.

Fox currently offers suspension components and packages for a number of today’s most popular truck and SUV models, including the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota 4-Runner, Chevy Silverado, and Ram 1500. All Fox suspension components are engineered to provide seamless fitment since such parts mount in a similar fashion to OEM products of the same nature.

Fox Warranty Guarantee

Customers can also find peace of mind knowing that they will be covered in the event of any unfortunate mechanical mishaps along the trail. While no such component failures are to be expected, Fox backs their suspension parts against any shortcomings that might become evident.

Fox covers all off-road and truck-related suspension components with a 1-year warranty. This warranty covers any material or workmanship-related defects that might arise. This provides consumers with the peace of mind to purchase with confidence, knowing that Fox stands behind every product that they sell. This warranty applies only to first-hand consumers and is non-transferable.

Top Tier Products

Throughout the years, Fox’s inventory of premium shocks and suspension components has grown exponentially. Today, the company offers numerous products that are sure to satisfy the needs of any consumer. While each of Fox’s various products offers substantial worth in their own right, several such offerings stand out above the rest, based upon their specific operational characteristics and overall popularity among consumers.

The following are several of Fox’s most popular off-road and truck product offerings.

Fox Performance Series Coilover IFP Shock

If you are currently in the market for a set of coilovers that provide comfortable on-road performance as well as enhanced off-road capabilities, then Fox 2.0 Performance Series IFP Coilovers are for you. Consumers can manipulate the ride stiffness of any IFP Coilover through the use of a locking adjuster. This makes it easier than ever to achieve the exact ride quality that you desire.

Fox’s IFP Coilovers also feature an aluminum body, which is treated to resist corrosion and provide unparalleled durability. Operational noise and vibration are also reduced through the use of a composite bushing within the unit’s upper shock mount.

Fox Smooth Body IFP Shocks

Fox’s Smooth Body IFP Performance Series Shocks are the perfect choice for any adventurer who loves nothing more than to strike out for points unknown. These heavy-duty shocks feature an Internal Floating Piston (IFP), which effectively separates the unit’s shock oil from its high-pressure nitrogen charge. This eliminates shock oil aeration, thereby providing consistent, predictable damping, no matter the conditions at hand.

All Fox Smooth Body IFP Shocks feature robust ⅝” alloy steel shafts that resist bending and breakage. These shafts also come hard chrome-plated and heat-treated, which in turn prevent seal-damaging pitting and scratches.

Fox 2.5 DSC Series Smooth Body Reservoir Shocks

Fox’s DSC Series Smooth Body Remote Reservoir Shocks offer a maximum amount of adjustability for those who never know what the trail will throw their way. These shocks feature two manual adjusters, one of which controls low speed damping, while the other fine tunes high speed damping capabilities. Each adjuster can be manipulated on the fly, thereby offering an unparalleled level of ride customization.

Fox DSC Series Smooth Body Shocks are also engineered to last a lifetime and are fully rebuildable. This allows consumers to purchase with confidence, knowing that their newly acquired Fox front or rear shocks will provide reliable service for the life of their vehicle.

Fox Factory Race Series 3.0 External Bypass Shocks

If you enjoy powering down trails or speeding across the desert landscape, there are few shocks that are better equipped to meet your needs than Fox’s Factory Race Series 3.0 External Bypass Shocks. These shocks are position-sensitive and offer a 60-percent greater damping area over stock Fox SVT Shocks. All 3.0 Race Series Shocks also feature three individual bypass zones, which are manually tunable. 

Fox’s Factory Race Series 3.0 External Bypass Shocks include a 2.5” remote reservoir, which provides enhanced cooling capabilities and race-inspired valving for unmatched performance. Shocks offered within this series utilize identical components to those found within Fox’s trophy truck series shocks and are fitted with high-temp Viton seals. These shocks are also filled with Fox’s proprietary high-performance racing oil.


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