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Diode Dynamics is a leading automotive lighting brand specializing in top-tier lighting solutions for truck and off-road enthusiasts, with a focus on iconic vehicles like the Ford Raptor, Ford Bronco, RAM TRX, and Jeep. Their meticulously engineered and rigorously tested lighting products enhance safety, visibility, and aesthetics, even in challenging off-road conditions. Upgrade your vehicle's lighting and elevate your off-road driving experience with Diode Dynamics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between 5000K and 6000K? A 6000K/Cool White color temperature has a hint of blue color to it, and the 5000K/Pure White color temperature has no color at all. While 6000K is our most popular selection, 5000K will give you a little bit better visibility at night!

Diode Dynamics Elite Series headlights and fog lights are street legal. Diode Dynamics SS3, SSC2, and SSC1 lights are also street legal when run with SAE Fog or SAE Driving lenses. Regarding LED bulbs, in the United States, only vehicles that are exclusively used off-street may purchase and use LED headlamp retrofit bulbs from Diode Dynamics. Only vehicles which are strictly and exclusively limited to off-street use qualify as off-street vehicles.

3000K: is Diode Dynamics' lowest temperature, and has a pure yellow output, which is great for use in fog lights or for a unique look. 4300K: is a pure white output, and is used in all factory HIDs. It will not have any blue tint, just a natural white color. 6000K: is our most popular color, which produces an ice white color.

Studies have shown that warm white or soft white lights in the 4000-4300K (Kelvin) range can help reduce eye strain and improve sleep quality, making them the perfect choice for cozy reading nooks and bedroom study sessions.

Diode Dynamics is a leading designer, manufacturer, and retailer of automotive LED lighting products. Founded in 2006, the company is headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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