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Form Lighting, founded in 2022, specializes in LED automotive lighting solutions, offering a range of modern, full-LED headlights and tail lights. Positioned between low-cost and high-end market options, their products provide style and functionality at an accessible price point. Designed with quality materials, these lighting solutions feature advanced LED features like sequential turn signals. They cater to various vehicle makes and models, ensuring a broad appeal. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, Form Lighting offers a two-year limited warranty and lifetime support for their products, affirming their commitment to quality and service. This U.S.-based company stands out for its combination of affordability, innovation, and customer-centric approach in the automotive lighting industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Form Lighting headlights are built with quality in mind, using OE-grade materials and design techniques. This includes durable UV-coated polycarbonate lenses, automotive-grade LED emitters, breather vents, and OEM plug-and-play connectors.

Form is a brand owned and operated by Diode Dynamics so you know it's a brand you can trust. I installed these headlights a few weeks ago and love them. I run them on the Amber DRL which matches backlit led pods perfectly.

There are three main types of headlight bulbs you can purchase: LED, HID, and halogen. While each type has its benefits, LED headlights are best for nighttime driving. They put out a clear, bright light without glare, so you won't blind another driver you may meet on the road.

Yes, Form lights are backed by a 2-year warranty.

Form Lighting is located in St Charles, Missouri.

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