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Fox is a leading automotive suspension company specializing in high-performance suspension systems for trucks and off-road vehicles. Their products are known for durability, adjustability, improved handling, and a smoother ride, making them ideal for navigating challenging terrains. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Fox has become a trusted choice among off-road enthusiasts and professionals seeking top-tier suspension solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bilstein feels tighter than FOX in terms of handling, while FOX softens the bumps a bit better than Bilstein. Bilstein's response is firmer / more harsh than FOX when going over speedbumps, potholes, and the rocky terrain of easy trails.

FOX Shocks are like magic springs that absorb the shocks and bumps from the road, keeping your vehicle steady and your ride smoother. FOX is famous for creating high-quality suspension systems used in many off-road and high-performance vehicles.

FOX Shocks are a high performance type of product, this means its built with higher end components like seals, bushings, internals, oil, shafts, etc. All meant to withstand off-road punishment and environments.

With a damaged seal, dirt works its way into the shock. Simple, periodic maintenance can greatly extend the service life of your FOX shock.

FOX products are designed, tested and manufactured in Santa Cruz County, California by the best people in the industry.

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