AWE is a renowned automotive brand specializing in high-performance exhaust and intake systems designed for truck and off-road enthusiasts, including Ford Raptor, Ford Bronco, and RAM TRX owners. Their precision-engineered products enhance vehicle performance and off-road capabilities, reflecting AWE's commitment to innovation and quality. Join the AWE community to transform your off-road experience with their exceptional upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions

You won't need a tune with exhaust and intake. However, tuning can maximize gains from these bolt-on parts.

No, cat-back exhausts do not void vehicle warranty.

Depending on your car, an aftermarket performance exhaust system could give you as much as 50 extra horsepower or as little as 2-3 HP. To learn more about the benefits of upgrading your exhaust system or get an estimate of the horsepower benefits one might give you, try asking an expert.

Yes, AWE makes some of the finest exhausts in the automotive space and they're made in the USA.

Yes, all AWE cat-back exhausts are 50-state legal.

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