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BAK Industries is a leading automotive company specializing in innovative truck bed solutions, offering exceptional folding, rolling, and retractable truck bed covers like the BAKFlip MX4, Revolver X4, and BAKFlip G2. With a commitment to transforming the way truck owners utilize their truck beds, BAK Industries serves a wide range of popular truck brands, including Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra, Dodge RAM, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado, and more. Their high-quality, meticulously engineered truck bed covers provide security, convenience, and protection, making them the trusted choice for enhancing the functionality and style of your vehicle. Explore BAK Industries' offerings to find the ideal truck bed cover for your specific truck model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The ability to drive with the BAKFlip flipped up against the cab is apart of BAKFlip's design. Locking prop rods will secure the cover open on each side allowing you to drive with the cover open at safe highway speeds.

BAK® Industries (“BAK”) warrants Bak bed covers to be structurally free from defects in material and workmanship for 5 Year Limited Warranty period from the retail date of purchase.

Weatherproof: It is not 100% waterproof. BakFlip states this information for all their products. Having said that, if it is installed correctly water really shouldn't be a big issue. Water should channel to appropriate areas and away from the truck bed. But if there are any gaps, water could get in.

Roll up and hard truck bed covers offer more than just aesthetic appeal. When installed, truck bed covers protect your cargo from rain, wind, snow or whatever elements come your way. They also provide a level of security as your precious cargo is safely covered and out of plain sight from unwanted thieves.

With proper care, hard truck bed covers (including hinged, and retractables) will last for as long as you have your vehicle. Soft covers usually last for about 7-10 years staying in perfect shape before beginning to show a few signs of wear and tear. Tip: Avoid leaving large cargo on top of your tonneau cover for long.

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