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Rough Country has stood as a pillar of the off-road performance community since opening its doors in 1975, originally serving as one of the foremost manufacturers of aftermarket suspension components. In those early days, the bulk of Rough Country’s business centered around the sale of shock absorbers to clientele who loved nothing more than to venture far from the pavement.

While many of today’s aftermarket component manufacturers are based overseas, whether in part or as a whole, Rough Country put down roots in Dyersburg, Tennessee, where the company’s operations are still based today.

Since its inception in the 1970s, Rough Country has prided itself in providing superior customer service, a principle which they still adhere to over four decades later. Rather than being forwarded to an automated call service, every customer who places a call to Rough Country is greeted by a knowledgeable individual, who also lives the off-road lifestyle.

Expanding Horizons

In 1986, Rough Country was acquired by Heckethorn Products, a metal design and automotive parts manufacturer. Following this acquisition, all was aligned to significantly diversify the company’s list of offerings. One of the first such product lines to be added to Rough Country’s portfolio was that of lift kits. The rapidly growing manufacturer felt that the best path forward was to build quality lift kits that could be easily installed and were affordable to the masses. By all accounts, Rough Country has delivered in earnest. 

As the years have passed, Rough Country has continued to expand, both in size, and in the array of components that they offer. The manufacturer now carries a full line of bolt-on accessories, which includes shocks, steering stabilizers, control arms, lift kits, leveling kits, winches, track bars, LED light kits, grilles, bumpers, and bed covers.

Rough Country also caters to an enormous number of individual truck/SUV makes and models. Some of the most prominent are the Jeep Wrangler/Cherokee, Toyota Tundra/Tacoma, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Ford F150, and Ram 1500. Each product ordered from Rough Country is spec'd to provide proper fitment for the individual model which it is intended for.

Is Rough Country the Way to Go?

Rough Country designs every one of its products to meet stringent standards in order to provide consumers with the same rugged reliability which they have come to expect from their off-road capable vehicles. As such, one can expect any component that they purchase from Rough Country to be up to the task of handling all that the trail ahead throws its way.

Another trait that Rough Country holds in high regard is that of superior value. The bulk of the company’s products can be purchased at a significantly reduced cost over that of many competitors, without sacrificing anything in the way of quality or craftsmanship. As mentioned, the folks at Rough Country live the off-road life and thoroughly understand that preparing your vehicle for severe-duty conditions can be a significant financial undertaking. As such, they have taken it upon themselves to lighten this burden and make off-roading affordable to the masses.

Rough Country Product Categories

Rough Country’s current catalog of products is nothing short of immense in volume. The company’s offerings span virtually every category of truck, Jeep, and SUV component imaginable, providing consumers with a one-stop-shop for all means of off-road customization.

The following are some of Rough Country’s most popular product categories.

Suspension/Lift Kits

Rough Country began its tenure in the off-road market as a manufacturer of heavy-duty aftermarket shocks. Today, much of the company’s business still centers around providing its customers with the highest degree of ride quality possible. Numerous Rough Country suspension kits are available to consumers, as are individual suspension components, such as signature Rough Country shocks and struts. In recent years, the company has made waves with the introduction of their new N3 shocks, as well as the Vertex line of adjustable coilovers.

Whether you wish to run larger tires or want to provide your vehicle with a more aggressive look, Rough Country has the kit to get the job done. The company offers an immense array of individual lift kits for users to choose from, including body lift kits, suspension lift kits, and leveling lift kits. Additionally, Rough Country Lift Kits come in several height designations, offering a perfect fit for every application.

The following area number of Rough Country’s most popular lift kits.

  • Rough Country 2” Lift
  • Rough Country 2.5” Lift
  • Rough Country 3” Lift
  • Rough Country 3.5” Lift
  • Rough Country 4” Lift


In recent years, custom LED light packages have grown exponentially in popularity among off-road enthusiasts the world over. Luckily, Rough Country has the consumer’s every need met in this rapidly expanding sector of the market as well. From light bars to headlights and all points in between, Rough Country has you covered. The company has even begun to offer custom grilles with integrated light bars as of late, providing the die-hard trail enthusiast with everything they need to forge ahead both day and night.

Rough Country also stocks a wide selection of housings, switches, and hardware to assist you in expertly installing your new lighting package free of excess hassle. This not only bolsters your efficiency as an installer but gets you back on the trail much quicker than you would have ever thought possible.

Exterior Upgrades

Rough Country also carries everything you need to enhance your vehicle’s cosmetic appeal and take your truck or Jeep’s personality to the next level. In terms of exterior upgrade packages, if you can dream of it, Rough Country most likely stocks it. From custom hoods to skid plates, the possibilities are truly endless. Even more noteworthy is the fact that Rough Country offers a substantial number of these components and kits at prices far lower than one might anticipate.

Jeep enthusiasts will also be happy to know that Rough Country’s inventory is rich in Jeep Wrangler JK and Jeep Wrangler TJ specific accessories, including numerous tops. Other such items include tubular doors, running boards, and custom grilles.


Rough Country is also a one-stop-shop for all of your custom wheel and tire needs. The company has partnered with a number of top aftermarket wheel and tire manufacturers in order to provide consumers with a comprehensive selection. Whether you are seeking to upsize your vehicle’s current wheels and tires or are simply on the hunt for a sleek set of stock-sized steel wheels, Rough Country has your every need met. 

Additionally, Rough Country also offers a number of wheel and tire-related accessories. The most popular of these products are wheel spacers and lug nuts. This makes it far easier than ever before to order all you need for a wheel and tire install in a single order.


When a day on the trail takes an unexpected turn and leaves one in questionable territory, a winch can be worth its weight in gold. Luckily, Rough Country offers an entire range of winches, which are more than capable of rescuing you from whatever treachery the trail can throw your way. Perhaps best of all is the fact that these winches are offered at a highly affordable price point, which excludes no one from ownership.

Rough Country also offers numerous winch-related accessories, such as D-rings and clevises. Additionally, the company stocks a full line of winch mounting kits and associated hardware, allowing consumers to purchase all they need to install their winch quickly and effortlessly.

Steering Components

Off-road enthusiasts can also count on Rough Country for all their front-end and steering-related needs. The company offers a wealth of such products, the bulk of which are refined to provide superior performance characteristics and stabilization of front-end geometry. Some of the most popular of these custom components include heavy-duty tie rods, steering stabilizers, hydraulic bump stops, pitman arms, steering blocks, adjustable drag links, and replacement ball joints.

Rough Country takes great pride in ensuring proper fitment of all front end and steering components that they manufacture and sell,minimizing installation time and reducing aggravation to a bare minimum. This is in stark contrast to several such components on the market today, which tend to leave installers with misaligned holes and numerous other fitment issues to contend with.


If you want to test the integrity of any vehicle’s drivetrain components, simply spend a weekend forging trails far from the nearest state highway. Any weak points will be uncovered, and vehicles which are ill-equipped seldom return home under their own power. This is precisely why Rough Country has engineered its own comprehensive line of drivetrain components, purposely built to take a beating and jump headlong into whatever the trail ahead has in store.

Rough Country manufactures and carries drivetrain and driveline components for an array of vehicles, with a wealth of parts on hand at any one given time. The most popular of these offerings include ring and pinion sets, driveshafts, CV axles, axle shafts, and transfer case kits. Additionally, Rough Country also offers numerous transfer case and carrier bearing drop kits and adaptors to modify driveline geometry in the event that a lift kit of substantial size is installed.


At the end of the day, we all strive for our Jeeps, trucks, and SUVs to perform just as well as they look and ride. Whether hitting the trails or cruising through town, there is always something to be said for knowing that a wealth of raw power awaits at the next stab of the accelerator pedal. This is a fact that the folks at Rough Country are all too familiar with, and as such, they have provided consumers with a wide selection of components to present their vehicles with plenty of power on command.

Whether you are looking to enhance your engine’s inductive qualities through the installation of a cold air intake or simply wish to conjure up a few more ponies with the help of a performance chip of a programmer, Rough Country has everything needed to see you through. The company also offers numerous upgraded exhaust kits to cut down on outlet restrictions and provide your engine with the rich tonal characteristics of excellence.


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