AMS Performance Infiniti Q50-Q60 Red Alpha Fuel Filter Kit

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Infiniti Fuel Filter

AMS Performance Infiniti Q50/Q60 Red Alpha Fuel Filter Kit (Standalone Kit / No AMS Flex Fuel Kit).

The AMS Performance Q50/Q60 Red Alpha Fuel Filter Kit has been designed to be the highest quality and most sophisticated solution for fuel filtering of the VR30 engine on the market. As many have experienced, OEM fuel system component failures are fairly common on the VR30 engine, especially when using higher concentrations of ethanol like E50 or E85. Ethanol is an excellent high octane fuel source with its high alcohol content, and because of this it also acts as a cleaning agent. For some cars, this can dislodge sediment in the fuel tank and lines built up over years of running low grade gasoline. One of the best ways to prevent this dislodged foreign object debris from making its way into the injectors or engine itself is by utilizing a high quality in-line fuel filter.

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