SPD Performance 2017-2020 Ford Raptor Resonated HX Series Muffler Kit with Helmholtz Resonator

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SPD 2017-2020 GEN 2 Raptor / Limited F-150 304SS 3" HX SERIES Helmholtz Resonated Muffler Upgrade

The HX Series Muffler Upgrade with Helmholtz Resonator is the latest component for the ultimate Gen 2 Raptor or H.O. Limited 3.5L F-150 Exhaust System. When combined with the SPD Performance Equal Length Trombone Resonator Delete, there is no better sounding exhaust on the market for the Gen 2 Raptor. 

HX Series mufflers are a straight through design, with no reductions or chambers inside the muffler, which guarantees ultimate flow and performance. HX Series mufflers use hard back sound dampening material which will not break down. This muffler setup also features a built-in X-Pipe design to blend the exhaust tones after the equal length trombone. 

This version of the HX Series muffler includes a welding in Helmholtz resonator to attenuate the sound and remove any drone from the system.

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